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Take the Quiz

Please take this brief quiz to discover your "personality profile."
1. How would others describe you?
2. What is your favorite thing to do on a Friday night?
Go to a movie and casual dinner with friends
Meet friends for cocktails and hors d’oeuvres
Relax at home
Meet friends at happy hour
3. My favorite flower group is closest to?
Bird of paradise/calla lily
4. When at work, what perk would you select?
Free massage
Two hours of free paid time off
Flex time
5. What best describes my shopping habits?
I love to shop
I only buy what is needed
I prefer to shop quickly, following my impulses and on the Internet
I am a bargain shopper
6. My favorite car group is closest to?
Jeep/Caravan or Windstar
Honda Pilot/Accord
7. What type of three-day trip interests you most?
Hotel Stay & Play (golf, spa, water sports)
Cruise (Caribbean, Alaskan)
Theatre package (NY or Chicago)
Theme Park (Disneyworld/land or Six Flags)
8. Which wild animal group most fits your personality?
Chimpanzee, Koala bear
Giraffe, zebra
Leopard, lion, bear
Polar bear, otter, seal
9. How would you spend a $500.00 gift?
Day at a spa
Save it
Unique sculpture
Family trip
10. What do you like to display in your home?
Unique sculpture and artwork
Antiques, artwork and collectibles
Family photos and memorabilia
Hobbies, sport memorabilia, awards or interests
11. If you take an interesting walk, which would appeal to you?
Grand Canyon Rim/Yellowstone Park/Garden of the Gods
Botanical Garden Tour/Museum/Aquarium
Fifth Avenue/Rodeo Drive/Magnificent Mile
European historical castle tour
12. When entertaining, what best describes you?
I enjoy formal entertaining at home
We go out
Family, casual
I have dinner delivered/pick it up
13. How would you describe your hair style?
Trend driven
Wash & go
14. Where would you go for a special dinner?
Good food with a view
Hottest trendy spot
Emeril’s or Wolfgang Puck’s
Outback or another chain
15. What word best describes you?
16. How would you spend $1,000.00 cash at a jewelry store?
Just give me the money to blow on something else
Diamond or jeweled bling/collector piece
Large, unique styled silver or gold metal piece
Just give me the money to save

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